Having an office space in your new home can be beneficial for multiple reasons, whether you run your own small business, need a place to keep your families schedule organized or just want a quiet space to be able to pay bills and keep track of your finances. Creating a unique, functional space doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are four creative ways to make the space practical and stylish while saving money.

  1. Let the sunlight in your office, and place your desk near windows to take advantage of natural light. If you have a retired dining room chair, get new use out of it by adding a cute slipcover on it and add casters on the bottom for mobility. You can even build your own desk by attaching a flat door to leg posts that can be purchased at a home improvement store.
  2. Make good use of your space, and don’t let any awkward nooks in the room go to waste. Turn that area into a cozy seating area by filling it with an old coffee table, placing box cushions on top for comfy, eclectic seating and use oversized throw pillows to lean against it. If the table has drawers attached, assign each one a single type of item, such as folders, magazines or CD’s, to keep the place clutter-free.
  3. Using bright items can make the space more personal, such as using unconventional containers that you love to hold office accessories. Use a garden urn or vase to hold pencils and pens and get inexpensive woven baskets for extra storage. Tall table lamps provide more light than short fixtures, and they don’t require installation.
  4. Stay organized in your office space using things that double as art. Create a work board by attaching inexpensive molding to a dry erase board and paint it to match the rest of the room. Spruce up old, boring file cabinets by adding new drawer pulls or create a neat credenza by placing several units side by side. Spray paint the unit white, or a color that coordinates with your décor, and make sure to use an easy labeling system so you can edit things over the years based on your family’s needs.

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