It’s officially Spring, and that means warm weather is here to stay. Warmer weather means more time entertaining friends and family, so you need to be sure that your kitchen is up to the task. Any kitchen remodeling is a huge undertaking, but Cardinal Construction is sure to make the process a breeze and provide a gorgeous new kitchen that will make your home the center of attention this season.

Cardinal Construction’s kitchen remodeling services can be as simple as refacing your cabinets or as involved as a full reconstruction. Our process begins with the evaluating what you absolutely need in your remodel, what items you would like to have and which items would be a dream to have. From there we are able to assess your existing space and offer you a plan that is sure to make even your wildest kitchen dream items a possibility.

Kitchen remodels are typically the most expensive project per square foot of any home remodeling projects, but we guarantee that we will work within your price point to give you the most bang for your buck. Money saving solutions are out there, and we make sure our clients know all of the remodeling options they have.

Cardinal Construction is a full service design/build firm based in Duluth since 1999. Our services range from room remodels to custom additions to complete custom homes. We promise that our excellent customer service, high quality and dedication to our customer make us one of the best choices in the metro area.

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