After the long, cold winter, the heat of summer and long days filled with sunshine are a welcome change. The sunny days are also an indication that it’s time to start on some summer maintenance tasks around your new Atlanta home. Here are several tips to help maximize the lifespan of your home:

  • Clean and seal decks – You generally need three consecutive warm, sunny days to properly clean your deck. On day one, dry out the deck completely from any recent rain. Apply deck cleaner and scrub the deck on the second day, and then let it dry for 24 hours. On the third day, apply a sealant to protect the wood.
  • Clean and inspect your chimney – Hire a certified chimney sweep in the summer to inspect and clean your chimney, especially if you use your fireplace on a regular basis in the winter. Doing this task now instead of waiting until the fall ensures that you have plenty of time to take care of repairs before you’re ready to use your fireplace.
  • Check for water damage – Make sure your gutters are clean so rain can drain properly. Also, make sure the gutter downspouts slope away from the house and carry the water at least five feet away from foundation walls. Make sure the sprinklers located in your yard do not spray directly on the walls of the house. And finally, examine the flashing, weather stripping or other seals around doorways and windows for openings that could let water into your home.
  • Inspect heating and air units – Check any outdoor air conditioners to make sure any plant growth is cut back so as not to block the units. Make sure the units are clean from any leaves or debris, especially around the vents. Also remember to change the air filters in your home, and consider having a certified heating and air specialist come out to inspect your unit to prevent any breakdowns during the heat of summer.
  • Refresh mulch – Add mulch around any gardens or non-grassy areas to help prevent weed growth, as well as to retain moisture. Mulch can hold both moisture and nutrients during the warmer months, which can give your plants a better chance at thriving.
  • Prevent mold, mildew and staining – Clean your home’s siding to help prevent mold, mildew and staining from occurring during the summer. Avoid streaks by applying the cleaner from the bottom to the top, and then rinse from the top down. Cleaning your siding every year can help reduce the amount of times your home needs painting, and can add value to your home by keeping it looking new.

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