I started working with Jim and Vickie back in December of 2010- we talked about listing their home in Kirkwood and what it would take to get this done and what the pricing might look like. We talked for the next 4 months until they were ready to list in April of 2011- we got the property on the market and hit the ground running but found the market rejecting the property. We worked on several different strategies to get more traffic in the door and unfortunately had several price reductions- we were officially chasing the market but Jim and Vickie weren’t ready to just let go of their home. I didn’t realize that they were emotionally still tied to the property. We chose to do one final price reduction at the same time they decided to change where they were looking to buy their next home- it was like everything just clicked! Once they decided to stay in town on their next purchase – the energy just shifted in the home and within the next 30 days we had an offer on the home!! It was tough working through negoiations but we worked the numbers and did everything we could get them out of this home and on to the next!

The next step was to discuss looking for the next home- we discussed their needs and wants and started looking at some homes- tentatively as they wanted to make sure everything went through on their current home. When all looked good- Jim and Vickie made a decision to make an offer on a home that we had seen 2 weeks before- then they found themselves in a multiple offer situation- we did not have the highest offer however Jim and Vickie had listened and followed every recommendation that I had made prior to looking at homes and had been pre-approved so the seller saw that Jim and Vickie were well qualified and ready to purchase so we went in strong on all other terms and won the bid!! We closed on their new home in VA Highlands just 3 weeks later and I have not felt so excited about a purchase as I did in this closing room. I knew that Jim and Vickie were going to be starting a new life in this home- the life they had been dreaming of! I was reminded at that very moment how great and awesome my job was- I get to help people make life changes and I just can’t ask for a better job to do on a daily basis!

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