In the process of buying a new home, there’s a lot of financial work to be done before hitting the road and house hunting for an Atlanta new home. You need to get your finances in order to qualify, and while that can be difficult on your own, it can be easier or more difficult if you are working with a partner or spouse. It depends on your practices and spending habits, and the Equifax Finance Blog is ready to help you come up with strategies for joint spending and saving in the new article, “Money Management Tips for Couples: Do You Need Joint Accounts?

One way to start is to order your credit report and score from one of the three agencies and see where you each stand. If both are responsible, you can know that you will both responsibly work toward the savings with only minor change. If one is responsible and the other isn’t, this is a chance to set better habits and define fairness between the two of you when it comes to saving for closing costs, down payments and more. If both scores are low, it may be time to consider serious financial education and changing of ways so you can qualify for a mortgage and be able to find stability.

Once you know what if anything you need to work on, you can decide if you need to set a joint account or not. Joint accounts for savings or mandatory expenses can make life a lot easier each month by making sure that the right amount of debts or growth are set aside, while funds still remain for discretionary spending. Most payment options have a way that an amount or percent can be automatically withdrawn and sent to another account, so you never miss or have the temptation to spend it.

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