Beth Ann Clanin

Our residential construction company uses Beth Ann Clanin as the listing agent for all our homes.
Beth Ann has several attributes which make her an outstanding realtor. She is smart, a good communicator, responsible and responsive. She doesn’t sit back and wait for deals to happen, rather, she makes offers happen. One of Beth Anne’s strengths is that once a sales offer has been accepted, she follows the qualifying process, home inspection and walk-through, and leaves no detail unattended until the sale is closed. We are always secure that no surprise “issues” will arise at the closing table.
Beth Ann is very accessible and always quick to return a phone call or email. We never wonder as to the state of a negotiation or contract. She has a knack for making every home seem like her top priority when she is communicating with brokers, builders, and buyers. It has gotten routine for us to be commended at closings by the buyer’s agent, for using such a sharp and accomplished realtor.

Some of our homes have presented unusual challenges and that is where Beth Ann really shines. She is always resourceful and able to look for a variety of solutions for any issue which may arise.

Lastly, Beth Ann is a highly ethical realtor. She never crosses the line when it comes to her principals. We never worry that we might be put in any uncomfortable possession by her behavior or methodology. She is a wonderful example of a competent agent who makes her builder look even better to buyers.

Rita Downing
T. Douglas Downing, Inc.

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