When I approached Beth Ann, I wasn’t really certain whether buying was the “right” choice for me at the time. Beth Ann completely understood this, and never pressured me to purchase something quickly. In fact, we worked together for close to three years. This is NOT to suggest that Beth Ann couldn’t find me a great home sooner than that — it was a product of my being extremely picky, in a situation where I didn’t have to buy anything, and some unfortunate “highest and best” situations that we didn’t “win” for various reasons. I really praise Beth Ann for all her patience in working with me. While many agents probably would have dropped me as a client after 1+ years of looking with no real timeline for buying, Beth Ann stuck by me and in the end I found the most amazing home and absolutely love it!! It couldn’t be more perfect for me. We really had to fight to get it (again, a “highest and best” situation due to multiple offers after one day on the market), and Beth Ann had to really work during the diligence process due to unresponsiveness from the other agent, but the transaction went smoothly and I could not be happier. I have no doubt that I would not have “won” the contract on my current home had I been working with another agent. Thank you, Beth Ann!

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