Deciding whether or not to buy a new home in a community with an established Home Owners Association is a big decision for new homebuyers. Having an HOA with supportive committees is a valuable asset. By teaming up, they are able to assist the residents in maintaining and growing their financial investment by ensuring quality control.

Here at Heron Bay Golf and Country Club, located in Locust Grove, we pride ourselves on the outstanding HOA, which includes three exceptional committees: the Community Liaison Committee, the Positive Standards and Safety Committee and the Social Committee. Each of these committees demonstrates and upholds quality care in their given area. Residents are able to bring ideas and comments to their committee members, can have confidence that their voice is being heard and will have answers in a timely manner.

Besides managing communication with the committees, the HOA also has several other responsibilities including: reviewing and upholding the preservation of the covenants, scheduling maintenance for common areas and coordinating repairs, as well as managing the financial budgets, annual reports and tax returns for the community.

All of these tasks play an important role in maintaining property value. When deciding on a new home, think about all of the factors that can influence the property value for future resale. Buying a home in a community with an established Home Owners Association can help ensure the viability of your investment.

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