The most recent figures on the Atlanta real estate market are in, and according to Metrostudy, the numbers are very encouraging. The report states that the Atlanta housing market is actually experiencing more demand for housing than supply can keep up with, a staggering change from recent years.

Employment figures go hand-and-hand with housing figures, so it’s even better news to hear from Metrostudy reports that Atlanta employment figures from the past 27 consecutive months have continued to rise. This increase adds fuel to the fire that has slowing been spreading throughout the new housing market, creating a hotter housing market than we’ve seen in awhile.

Eugene James, director of Metrostudy’s Atlanta Region, recently spoke to a group of real estate professionals about these recent statistics. He stated, “Record low mortgages and positive employment figures have been in the news for a while, which is boosting confidence and helping to sell more houses. We expect to see housing demand continue to rise and more builders starting more new homes throughout 2013 and 2014.”

James’ statement coincides with reports from the National Association of Home Builders and other agencies, shining a ray of hope for builders all around the country that better times are ahead.

About Metrostudy

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