Buyer Testimonials

Beth Ann Was great from day one. Her availability and willingness to show us home after home for months was extremely helpful. Beth Ann always gave us her honest opinion on the home, location, neighborhood, and schools. We never felt pressured while working with her and when we did make an offer she gave us regular updates and kept us in the loop. One of the things we appreciated was how “on top” of everything she was…from the first meeting, to the house closing and after. We could not have been happier working with her.

Erin & Ian Prange

The first time we worked with Beth Ann was 12 years ago when she was the on-site agent in the neighborhood where we bought our home. The second time was this fall with the sale of that same house. Both times we found her to be extremely professional, patient, and knowledgeable. Both times she genuinely had our best interest at heart and although she was our agent, she became a great friend! We highly recommend anyone in need of an honest and reliable agent consider Beth Ann!

5 STAR Zillow Review

Beth Ann was incredible throughout the whole process! My wife and I were first-time homebuyers and she made the process as easy as possible. When we first met with her, she spent more than an hour listening to our wants, giving us a state of the market and running through the whole process from start to finish. She would respond to our emails, texts and calls almost immediately, and was patient with us as we saw house after house after house. She would give us honest assessments of homes we saw. We always felt like she was truly on our side trying to get us in a great home, rather than selling us a house just to make a sale. I could not recommend Beth Ann more!

5 STAR Zillow Review

Beth Ann is the ultimate professional realtor; easy to work with and very understanding of unique circumstances. She provided my wife and I with excellent service in the 12 month plus time it took from initial looking to closing on our condo.

Tom and Robin L.

We originally found Beth Ann because we lost a house to her clients in a multi-bid situation, due to her great negotiation. She went to a TON of houses with us & helped navigate the area, pros/cons, price/value, etc. My husband & I were extremely particular and set on what we wanted, which made our  house search much linger than the average buyer, but Beth Ann was patient with us and always made time to get out to see a house, even if we asked last-minute (the housing market was nuts at the time.) When we did choose a house, it was the day before we left for a 10-day vacation. BA got all of our paperwork, contracts, etc drawn up electronically, managed the entire process for us, even picked up our check and ran around town to get everything where it needed to be on time. Long story short, BA is one of the nicest, most helpful people I know, and an outstanding realtor. She knows the Atlanta area, especially intown & Decatur very well, and works hard to make her clients happy. We hope to stay in our home for a long time, but we’ll be calling Beth Ann when we’re ready!

Stephen and Lindsay C.

Beth Ann is responsible, knowledgeable and dedicated. She will not miss a deadline or leave you in the dark. She is energetic and trustworthy. I like that she offers objective advice. We took a long time and saw a lot of houses. She was a crucial part of our house search and we couldn’t be happier  with the results. I recommend Beth Ann to anyone looking to buy in Atlanta.

Martha and Javier 

Beth Ann is the best there is. Period. Beth Ann represented me the first time I bought a home eight years ago, and I did not even think about using anyone else when my husband and I decided to upgrade. Beth Ann is exceptionally knowledgeable, professional, and responsive. What makes Beth Ann unique, however, is her patience, thoughtfulness, and overwhelming support for the needs of her clients (even when that means looking at 40+ houses over a two-year period!). She knows the Atlanta market, the nuisance of the home-buying process, and can anticipate the concerns of her clients. I can’t imagine working with anyone else!

Adam and Helen 

After interviewing a number of experienced agents in the Atlanta area, we chose Beth Ann for her level of experience, passion for her job and her optimistic but realistic outlook on the process of home buying. As first-time buyers, we were excited to learn about the entire process, as educating her clientele is one of Beth Ann’s top priorities as an agent. Beth Ann prepared us mentally before we entered a very competitive sellers’ market, and when we found the home we knew we wanted to purchase, she helped us every step of the way from crafting the offer to closing the deal. We never felt pressured throughout the process, and she continually kept us informed about what steps we needed to take and when. We’re so pleased to have chosen Beth Ann as our agent. Our only *regret* is that we found our dream home too quickly, and we didn’t get to spend as much time as we would have liked getting to know her even better!

Mike and Jill

Beth Ann did a fabulous job with my home purchase. Although I am a property virgin, I knew she was going to be great from our first meeting: Beth Ann gave me a 2hr in-depth crash course on home buying that was detail-oriented and specific to my neighborhoods of interest. She was prompt, had an excellent assistant, and gave good input and advice. She enjoys operating by-the-book, so I understood that I was going to get a straight-laced, honest, and professional realtor.

Also she has a great sense of style, which is good because I’m not going to be seen out with frumpy, even for the right house….


We are so grateful for Beth Ann’s perseverance and guidance while we hunted for a home while stationed on the other side of the world. When we were not able to view homes first-hand she sent us videos. Her diligence in finding homes for us to consider before they hit the market resulted in us finding a great home in a tough market, despite having only one week in Decatur to look.

Jenny and BK 

We enjoyed everything about working with Beth Ann. She knows real estate and all about Decatur and has enthusiasm to spare. And she helped to make the sometimes arduous task of house hunting almost fun! Thanks Beth Ann!

Nancy and Tommy Barrow 

Beth Ann made everything easy! We were able to look for a house and offer in just a few days, within our time constraints and budget, and found a great neighborhood and house. We feel very lucky to have found Beth Ann and would recommend her to anyone looking for a house.

Avery and Josh

Beth Ann has handled 3 transactions for us in 9 years. I hope I don’t plan on moving again any time soon, but there isn’t another number in my call list when it comes to finding a real-estate agent. Beth Ann is thorough, friendly, organized, SUPER honest and when you have all that together…the bumps in the ‘real estate’ road are a little smoother. Even the agents on the other side of the table comment how they LOVE working with her. That’s the sign of an all-around nice person, true professional and someone I want working on my behalf. She’s a pretty cool friend too!

Michael and Greg
Before working with Beth Ann, we had been through the process of buying a house and had an extremely bad experience, which ended in no final purchase. When we started looking again we were expecting a similarly unpleasant and frustrating experience, but we were completely and pleasantly surprised by our experience with Beth Ann. Everything was easy and went smoothly, and we’re incredibly happy with how it worked out!

 Erin and Dariush

I was in search of my first home and I just knew that I had found it all by myself. I called Beth Ann who was the listing agent and we talked briefly about the property. Well little did I know that after deciding that the property would no longer work for me that I would hire Beth Ann to help me find my new home. She is super professional and knowledgeable. I would recommend her services to anyone. She will definitely be my realtor for life.

Jarrett and Tiffany

The way Beth Ann explained the buying process during our first meeting really says it all. It showed me that she likes keeping her clients informed and empowered. And as I listened to her explication of the process, her impression of the ATL market, and her opinions of the properties we subsequently looked at, I felt that she always spoke sincerely and knowledgeably. As a first-time buyer, I didn’t expect to be able to engage with my agent like that, but Beth Ann always tried to bring me up to her level. She’s great.


Beth Ann is very professional and very knowledgeable. This was our third experience together and all 3 have been seamless. Our Realtor for life! Thanks for being so helpful.

Sam and Farryn

When we decided to buy a house, we knew it wouldn’t be easy. And as first time homebuyers in one of the most aggressive sellers markets in Atlanta history, we honestly had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. Luckily, Beth Ann came highly recommended from a good friend and immediately put us at ease. Beth Ann’s background as a teacher is immediately evident as she is very positive, thorough and informative.

Ultimately, we found the perfect house and Beth Ann expertly helped to guide us through the offer, negotiation and close. She was always there throughout the entire process to answer any questions, day or night.

We would highly recommend Beth Ann to any prospective buyers!

Laura and Dan Hawkins

Beth Ann made the entire experience flow easily and efficiently! She always had my interests in mind, even when I was straying in a different direction. She was circumspect when it was time to make an offer and knew exactly what to include. She has contacts in home inspection and lending that complement her skill-set wonderfully.


Beth Ann is amazing! Truly knowledgable and gifted at real estate — she loves what she does and it shows. She is flexible, responsive and energetic. We trusted all of her counsel completely, and we loved everything about our buying and selling experiences. We would wholeheartedly recommend her to everyone.

Suzanne and Chuck – 2 time buyers, 1 time seller

I have put Beth Ann through the ringer. 3 purchases and 2 sales. She has dealt with all my peculiarities and has come shining through them all. She has worked diligently for me and gone overboard on several occasions based on my non-availability.


Beth Ann was great to work with. She was very patient with me during the emotional “ups and downs” of my 18+ month search to buy my first home. I ended up beating out several other bidders to buy my new home at what I feel was a good price. Beth Ann walked me through the entire process to get to closing (continually checking in to make sure the I was staying on track) so there were no surprises and it went very smoothly. My parents (who were involved as advisers during my search) were so impressed that they plan to use her when they make their next home purchase.


When I approached Beth Ann, I wasn’t really certain whether buying was the “right” choice for me at the time.  Beth Ann completely understood this, and never pressured me to purchase something quickly.  In fact, we worked together for close to three years.  This is NOT to suggest that Beth Ann couldn’t find me a great home sooner than that — it was a product of my being extremely picky, in a situation where I didn’t have to buy anything, and some unfortunate “highest and best” situations that we didn’t “win” for various reasons.  I really praise Beth Ann for all her patience in working with me.  While many agents probably would have dropped me as a client after 1+ years of looking with no real timeline for buying, Beth Ann stuck by me and in the end I found the most amazing home and absolutely love it!!  It couldn’t be more perfect for me.   We really had to fight to get it (again, a “highest and best” situation due to multiple offers after one day on the market), and Beth Ann had to really work during the diligence process due to unresponsiveness from the other agent, but the transaction went smoothly and I could not be happier.  I have no doubt that I would not have “won” the contract on my current home had I been working with another agent.  Thank you, Beth Ann!


Beth Ann- you are amazing!! You have been so patient and understanding with my needs. I’m going to miss you.

Tom Eaton 

Beth Ann is a consummate professional while catering to the personality of her clients. Her follow through is impeccable which builds trust. This our third experience with Beth Ann and she has yet to disappoint.

Danette and Terri 

Beth Ann helped my wife and I move up from our starter home (which she helped us purchase 3 years ago) to the house in which we will start our new family.  With our first child due in a matter of months, my wife and I wanted to find a home with a bit more space in which to start our family.  This was the third property that Beth Ann helped us purchase, and as with the other two, she made the experience fun and enjoyable (and as stress-free as possible; which was very nice with a pregnant wife).  She also handled negotiations with the selling-broker expertly, and got us to the point where I believe we got a great deal on a great house.

To make purchasing our new home possible, we had to sell our starter home.  Beth Ann came to our house, and provided helpful and cost effective upgrades and clean-up items that helped our house show beautifully (I think every agent who came through commented on how well the house showed).  We ended up getting an offer on the day we listed, and accepted an offer for exactly what we wanted to get out of the house 1 week after putting it on the market.  Without Beth Ann’s consulting, I am not confident the process would have progressed so quickly.
Since our home sold so quickly, and with a baby on the way, we had to find a new house just as quickly in a market with low inventory.  Beth Ann was on the ball in setting up searches all over the city in various neighborhoods that met our desires, and helping us parse through the results to hone in on the options that really met all of our requirements.  We ended up finding our future home on our first trip out, and were under contract on that house within 5 days.
In case you can’t tell, I would recommend Beth Ann to anyone who is buying a property, selling a property, or just has some questions about the real estate market.
Steven and Leisa Richman


You are straightforward and honest with your clients; their happiness, interests and needs are placed above all. You are easy to talk to and approach. You were always available to us (we apologize to your family). You went WAY beyond just helping us find a home but have helped us to start to grow into our community (finding a preschool, a hair stylist, photographer for family photos, a decorator). Thank you for always stepping in when there was any kind of issue. You stopped by our new home to visit the lot and contractor every bit as often as we did. We relied on your expertise at every step and were never disappointed. I would recommend you without hesitation to anyone interested in buying in the Decatur area.

Beth and Mike Duggan


As someone who has never owned real estate before, I had many questions and apprehensions about the daunting task of buying a first home. But from the first meeting, Beth Ann was attentive and knowledgeable, taking as much time as needed to answer my questions and teach me about the process. As we progressed through the purchase process together, Beth Ann showed remarkable strengths in keeping the many dates, deadlines, and tasks organized. Because of her hard work and attention to detail, I never felt as though I were out in the dark, or rushed, or unsure of what was going to happen. Whenever I needed to speak to Beth Ann, she was always available to chat, either immediately or in very short notice. She always returned phone calls. In the end, I purchased a home that I am extremely pleased with. I am extremely happy with the outcome of the process which is largely a testament to Beth Ann’s dedication and helpfulness through the entire course.

Jason Pawloski

Beth Ann was a wonderful person to have working with us for our new home search.  She was readily available to us at all hours of the day to arrange a viewing or answer any questions we may have.  With Beth Ann, we were able to work around our own hectic work schedules to see all of the properties we wanted.  She also was a wealth of information for first time home buyers, making sure we knew what was going on during every step of the process.  From finding the right lender, to finding the right house, to making the right offer, through to closing the sale, Beth Ann was there for us, making sure our goals, needs, and best interests were being met.  It was a pleasure to have Beth Ann as our Realtor and would gladly recommend her services to anyone.



We just closed on our new home last week, and could not have done it without the expertise of Beth Ann. Step by step, she explored and explained what our options were, educated us on the home buying process (invaluable for us first time home buyers!), and answered any and every question we had, morning, noon, or night! She is a real pro, and a fantastic negotiator. I would recommend her, hands down, to anyone looking to buy or build a home. If you are looking for a knowledgeable and professional realtor with a fantastic work ethic, contact Beth Ann.


When my husband and I were looking for a Realtor, our only requirements were that they were familiar with the downtown/midtown Atlanta area, experienced and willing to devote time to helping us find the right home.  Whether you’re looking for a home in the city of Atlanta, city of Decatur or anywhere else in the metropolitan Atlanta area, I would hands down recommend Beth Ann Clanin.  She came highly recommended from a friend who had used her when he purchased both of his homes.

During our introductory meeting she was enthusiastic about helping us find a home within our budget, knew the correct questions to ask so that she could assess exactly what we were looking for and showed us suitable options within a week of our initial meeting.   She was very patient with us during numerous appointments at house showings and return visits to houses we were interested in and willing to give advice that was beneficial to us.  She was always accessible and willing to answer any questions that we had.  If she didn’t know the answer at the time, which was rare, she was always able to expeditiously find the answer and get back to us.  She is a very caring, driven, passionate, good at her job and without a doubt loves being a Realtor.  She showed us that a good Realtor knows more than just the area and the basics of closing on a house.

We are happy to say that she was able to find us a house that we love and can’t wait to move into.  To date, she keeps in touch with us to make sure that we are aware of certain things related to the house post closing, which we may not have known about otherwise.  We also feel comfortable contacting her if we have questions related to our property.  My husband and I hope that Beth Ann is available when we’re ready to buy another house.

Rachel Davis

It was a true pleasure working with Beth Ann through the whole home searching process.  Not only did we have a Realtor, but I also feel that we gained a friend.  Her bubbly personality and willingness to help us find our ideal home was terrific.  She went above and beyond to advocate on our behalf to sellers and their realtors, and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.  She kept our expectations in check and made sure that she investigated every possible option, even after we made an offer on a previous house.  It is her thoroughness that led us to our ideal home in our ideal location, for which I am truly grateful.  I actually kind of miss home searching because our weekends with Beth Ann have now come to a close.  She has an innate way of making the whole home ownership process as seamless as possible.

Braxton Davis

We don’t know how to thank you enough for all that you have done for us. From your patience to your tenacity to your friendship, you were there for us every step of the way. I don’t think we would have made it through this process without your dedication to helping us find a home. You truly love what you do! And now, we miss speaking to you every day!!
Caren and John

Beth Ann was a wonderful Realtor and made the first time home-buying process less daunting.  Because of Beth Ann’s diligence and dedication, we were able to purchase our perfect home in only two visits to Atlanta.  She demonstrated a vast knowledge of in-town Atlanta neighborhoods and has been an effective advocate on our behalf long after the deal closed.  We are very appreciative and would recommend Beth Ann Clanin without hesitation!
Megan Cleary & Daniel DePonte

My husband and I had been living in an apartment for about 2 years and decided we were ready to buy our first house. Since we hadn’t lived in Atlanta very long we had no idea where to start looking! The home buying process seemed really intimidating to us being a young couple. Luckily, I came across Beth Ann’s name while house hunting on the internet. We ended up meeting the very next weekend. Beth Ann gave us a very informative run-through of how to buy a house. Not only did she seem very organized, but she also seemed like she would be a lot of fun to work with. She accessed our needs and helped us narrow down what neighborhoods we should be looking in.

By the end of the first meeting, our home-buying anxiety was eased and we began our official house hunt. Beth Ann was really great about responding to our emails and texts quickly with any questions we had along the way (we had several!). During house showings she gave us great advice and suggestions. Within about a month, we were making an offer on a house! She basically did all the hard behind the scenes work for us. All we had to do was sign on the dotted lines! We are extremely happy with our first home purchase and would recommend Beth Ann to anyone!
Matt & Natalie

My Partner and I met Beth Ann at an open house at The Preserve East Atlanta in late summer of last year. We were new to Georgia and eager to begin researching potential in-town neighborhoods to call home. At the open house, she was very nice; and we were immediately impressed with Beth Ann’s knowledge, openness and patience with our 101 questions.Shortly thereafter, she linked us to an amazing mortgage loan officer. When we were ready to find our home, Beth Ann gave us the guidance we needed to find the perfect house for us in a great neighborhood. We truly trusted that she had our best interests in mind and represented us to the best of her ability. She was an invaluable resource throughout the home buying process and even now as a new homeowner.

Buying a home can be frustrating and painful; however, this was not our experience at all!!! Beth Ann you are an amazing person and your work shows that you love what you do!Thank you a million times, all the best to you!

Teena and Shawn

Beth Ann-Allison and I can’t begin to thank you enough for all the help and support you provided for the purchase of our first home. Between planning a wedding and changing jobs, our life was stressful enough without the additional task of looking for our first home, which could have easily proven to be too much to handle at one time. Because you assisted and guided us literally every step of the way, however, our home buying experience was stress free and proved to be quite easy compared to the wedding planning! As first time home buyers we were unsure what to expect out of the process, but you far exceeded any expectations we had for our real estate agent.

From day one, and even through the weeks and months following the closing, you went above and beyond in representing us. Although you were busy with other clients and a new addition to your family, you always made us feel like we were your top priority. Thank you again for everything you did. We wouldn’t think of using anyone but you in the future.With much appreciation,
Anthony and Allison Maselli
Atlanta, GA

Beth Ann-You have been an outstanding realtor. I have truly appreciated you and your help all along the way. Thank you!
Linda G. Langstraat

Beth Ann-James and I would like to say THANK YOU for making the purchase of our new home a relatively painless process. I truly appreciate the professionalism and courtesy that you extended to us throughout the contract negotiation and closing process. Your willingness to keep us informed at all times made this process one of the most pleasant home buying experiences that I have had in over ten years.Warmest Regards,
Trey L. Glover

Beth Ann-My husband was driving around looking at houses and noticed a home he was interested in listed with BoBridgeport and called Beth Ann who was the agent. She gave him the imformation he needed and went the extra mile to tell him about other homes. Over the next few months Beth Ann became our realtor to sell our home since it had not sold with the previous realtor and was effective in selling our home. She worked very hard to make sure we got the money we wanted for our home and negotiated with the buyer.Beth Ann then showed us all of the homes we requested to see to purchase. She was always very patient and accommodating. When it came time to place a contract on the home we liked Beth Ann again handled all of the negotiating and left us hassle free at a stressful time of buying a home.

Beth Ann was always knowledgeable and professional at all times. She was positive and would never give up on finding a buyer for our old home or finding the home we wanted. She could be reached at any time and returned all phone calls promptly.Beth Ann was a joy to work with and I would recommend her to anyone who is selling or looking to buy a home. You will be pleased with the outcome and not be disappointed. I feel we have a lifetime realtor with Beth Ann.
Richard and Judy Dalton
Mableton, Ga

Beth Ann-I can never thank you enough for all of your hard work on my behalf. Even though I had a buyer’s agent, and you were functioning as the builder’s agent, you always looked out for my interests. It was a long process from the first day we met at Preston Place (Phase I) until my home was finished in Preston Park (Phase II)…almost two years in fact. But despite the ups and downs, you were a constant ray of light…always positive, patient, professional, and best of all, adept at solving any issue that came our way.I honestly could not have done it without you. You are truly a talented professional, and a joy to be around. Not only did I find a superior agent, but a great friend as well. I cannot recommend you highly enough to everyone I know, but I’ll sure try. I sincerely appreciate all your efforts, and am so happy in my beautiful new home.
A thousand thanks,
Matthew Battle
Preston Park

Hi Beth Ann-I just wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for all your help in finding my new home. I love the location, my neighbors are wonderful and everyday that I pull into my drive way I get a big smile across my face. I still can’t believe that you were able to find exactly what I wanted, where wanted it and even in the price range I was looking for.You were so patient and thorough from beginning to end and I greatly appreciate everything you did! In addition, all of the resources you provided me were great. The inspector and handy man were both delightful, which made the entire process so much easier and enjoyable. I will be utilizing their services in the future, too.

Lastly, I will absolutely be referring to you anyone I know who is looking for a new home. You made my second experience of buying a home so easy and fun. I hope to keep in touch with you and if I ever decide to move, you’ll be the one I call.
Ginny Brown

Dear Beth Ann-Once again I wished to extend to you out heartfelt thanks over finding our new home. You have been a great support to us during a stressful time and you came to bat for us when we needed you. Thank you for the kind gifts as well. We will put them to good use.
Roger Carr

Dear Beth Ann-Your unwavering attention to detail and your impeccable follow-through helped enable us to buy – and ultimately brag about – our new bungalow in East Lake. To say we’re thrilled with our home would be an understatement. And to admit the new construction home buing process was essentially pain free, well, that’s down right unfathomable. But it’s true. Largely because of you.
So, thank you Beth Ann,
Danette Johnson & Terri Moore
Preston Place